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Virgin Wormy Chestnut and Squirre Chairs

Virgin Wormy Chestnut Farm Table
This Farm Table was one of the most beautiful dining tables that Brian made, specially because the wood used was unique.  It was nice to receive amazing feedback from our client.  Here is what she said, 

When we were looking for a new dining table my dream table would be handmade, from reclaimed local wood and more specifically, one made from American Chestnut  which up until the early 1900’s was the most plentiful tree in the eastern u.s., a blight killed millions of the trees.  I remember my grandfather reminiscing about the old chestnuts that lined many streets and filled our forests from Maine to Georgia. Many of the fallen trees were planned and used for barns and other buildings.  

We were fortunate to travel to your workshop and choose our own plank of wormy chestnut that Brian had reclaimed from old barns and other building that were to be demolished.  Brian brought the old warped and weather beaten planks back to life and built this beautiful table that I am sure will be a family heirloom.  I can not say enough about the quality of craftsmanship and the time and effort he took to make the table I envisioned. 

Wendy Schulman, NOVA


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