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beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Blue Ridge Mountains.
Who we are

Our family operation is located in the most beautiful Valley in Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley. For many years Brian Fencer, the Craftsman, has been handcrafting custom-made tables, Farmhouse Tables, Dining Tables, Side Board Tables, Coffee Tables, Benches and pretty much any piece of furniture that our customer wants using Reclaimed, salvaged, and other types of wood. Our goal is to construct custom tables, designed and built to last, using quality reclaimed woods.
Most of our tables are custom-crafted. Many of them are constructed from reclaimed and antique woods which have been recycled from old barns and outbuildings in Virginia. Being involved in the transformation of this vintage wood is a blessing. We enjoy it! It enables us to be good stewards of God’s creation as well as provide quality furniture for our present generation and heirlooms for generations to come.
This site shows only a small sample of our work, our history, the process we use to obtain the wood, and of course our gallery, showing samples of the tables we’ve built. Feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you acquire that perfect table to fit your home, lifestyle and décor.

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Our history

The Master Craftsman

As a teen, Brian Fencer began working at a saw- mill / mill shop which specializes in recycling lumber removed from old buildings.


Brian’s first Reclaimed Wood Table was built from Heart Pine timbers back in 1997. The table still serves as a durable centerpiece of daily life and as a testimony to the long lasting beauty of the tight-grained (old growth) reclaimed wood.


Brian kept using his skills and learned more about furniture making in Bolivia-South America where he served as a missionary living with orphaned children.
In Bolivia he didn’t just train as a woodworker while teaching orphans woodworking skills, he also met his wife Cecilia.


Brian and Cecilia married in 2003 and together besides giving birth to four children, they started Reclaimed Innovations, which later became Great


Great Tables by Reclaimed Innovations expanded moving their shop to Spottswood Virginia while also maintaining their showroom 15 minutes away in Fairfield Virginia.


2023 Great Tables is still dedicated to serving you

The Process

STEP - 1

We reclaim much of our wood from old barns, but we work with all kinds of wood! This first stage involves choosing wood that our clients love and that fits perfectly in their homes.

STEP - 2

After choosing the wood, we design the piece of furniture with our client to their exact specifications and needs, before finalizing it in a work order.

STEP - 3

Once our client is satisfied with the furniture’s design, we move forward to restoring the wood by jointing, planing, and sanding the wood, revealing the hidden beauty within the core of the tree, and displaying it with stunning results.

STEP - 4

Our bases are assembled using mortise and tenon joinery. This method of joinery is much sturdier than screws, allowing for a strong and stable table.

STEP - 5

After restoring the boards, we glue the table together using wood glues. All our glues are heirloom-quality wood glues. Bar clamps hold the whole top tightly together for strong seams.

STEP - 6

A major part of restoring our wood involves epoxying the many cracks and “punky” areas of the boards. To do this we use epoxy resins that fill the cracks and sink into the dody boards hardening into a composite and creating heirloom strength. 

STEP - 7


Finally, the table is ready to be sanded, assembled, and finished. We use high quality sanding discs and belts starting at a 30 grit and working our way up to 300 grit sandpaper. In some cases, we polish our tables to thousands of grits. This ensures that the table is soft and smooth to the touch, while allowing any deformities and pits in the wood to be removed. The finishing process depends highly on the finish. Whether you choose an easy maintenance finish or a hardy waterproof scratch resistant finish, our tables are finished with quality, precision, and care.

STEP - 8

At last! After much work, the table is finally finished. The beautiful wood grains chosen by our clients are ready to complement their new home.

We are located in Fairfield, Virginia. Catalpa Hill is the name of the Farm. It houses Brian’s shop (which was once an old grainery) in Rockbridge County. The Cottage, is our showroom and the Cabin (built originally in 1780) which beautifully displays Brian’s talent and craftsmanship.

In our logo you can see the grainery that houses Brian’s shop.

STEP - 7

A major part of restoring our wood involves epoxying the many cracks and rotting areas of the boards. To do this we use an epoxy resin that fills all the cracks and sinks into the rotted boards hardening into a plastic and bringing the boards back to their old strength. Our tables are built of heirloom quality.
Great Tables
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