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Beech Dining Table


 Approximate Dimensions 

  • Length 77 ½”- x width 38” x height 29 1/2”
  • Top*: 1″ (approx.) thick
  • 6-8 people. Depending on seating arrangements
  • Finish: Arm-R-Seal  

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Hi! Thanks for visiting our great-tables store.  

If you are interested in this table and have questions about it please contact us.  If you are interested in a table like this but in a different size, wood species, etc. we can custom-make one for you, by making a work order for you!  

This beautiful beech was built by me. The boards used in this beech table were actually salvaged from a massive ancient beech tree that was destined to be burned. This tree was so big that we made an entire tabletop from one giant slab. The boards in this table are from further up the tree. This table contains a beautiful exotic character that is uncommon to find in beech species.   

The cracks in this table were epoxied using food-grade epoxy resin, adding to the strength and beauty of this table. Finish is…  


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Beech Dining Table