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From Catalpa Hill

Hi, this is Cecy, the craftsman’s wife and mother to four little ones that make life more enjoyable and busy.

I will be updating things about Brian and his work, the business and the farm in this blog. Why me? Two reasons: 1)The craftsman does not like blogging and 2) I am the help meet to that man. So, I do a lot of the paperwork and customers followup and I help my husband’s work to be recognized out there.

I apologize if my English writing is not perfect or my grammar is incorrect, English is my second language, yep Brian brought me almost ten years ago to this beautiful country. Obviously we did not know we were going to end up living on a farm,  have four little ones, 2 dogs, one cat, two cows, 10 chickens. Brian did not know he was going to become a craftsman, neither he knew the talent he had.

God has been faithful and good to us, he provided everything we needed to become who we are and gave Brian the amazing ability to reclaimed wood and transform it into an amazing piece of furniture.

I hope you enjoy his work and my stories.


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