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Did we just pray for more Reclaimed Wood?

Before we started our business the only thing we had besides a Planer, was Reclaimed Wood from Catalpa House out buildings, and from some demolition work Brian did to make money on the side.

We sold beautiful reclaimed lumber for table tops on ebay.  Especially Chestnut and Oak.  I imagined those planks really ended up being beautiful tables or shelves.

Thank to God’s goodness, since we started our Furniture Making  business, we have met good reclaimed wood providers, mainly in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

A few months ago, the craftsman told me, pray because we are running low on some good lumber. We did and God heard us.  Three barns came, out of the blue!!  And, the best of all is that all of them are in Virginia. Yes fresh Virginian Reclaimed Wood. Chestnut, Oak, Heart Pine, Cherry and Poplar, all of it beautifully aged.

Of course it is always hard to do the actual job without hurting the wood or yourself in the process.

Brian and John, had to do the hard work in really cold temperatures. But everything so far is going just right. Just a few more days and they will be done harvesting.

I cannot wait to see the pieces that will be built with all Virginian Reclaimed Aged Wood.

Here a few pictures of the Wood currently being salvaged to build our Reclaimed Tables.

What a month, the craftsman is itching to resume his duties at the shop full time. And the Silo it is just the cherry on top of the ice cream.



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