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A Happy ending, from no idea to a beautiful product

Sometime in September we received a call from a customer in Maryland.   She was table hunting and she had found us on line.  She wasn’t sure what type of table she wanted since it was going to be for her daughter.  We sent her pictures of all sorts of tables and benches, and samples in different sizes and types of wood, all according to the measurements and characteristics of the dining area given by the customer.  After going through some options, they (mother and daughter) decided to go for a Trestle Table and Bench and requested they be built in Antique Reclaimed Oak.  The bench would mimic the table.


Dorothy and Brian sketched the table and bench.  After customer approval by e-mail, the templates were ready.   A draft of the templates was sent to the customers for final approval.  They made a few minor changes.

"Trestle Table"

Meanwhile Brian was denailing, drying and treating the reclaimed Oak. Not an easy task by the way; they require  requires:  knowledge, patience, strength and expertise.

Denailing reclaimed wood

Table on the making.  Brian’s hands busy, he was locked in a Trestle table mood. It is kind of interesting when the craftsman is cooking a new project, he does not rest. He is loving what he does.Reclaimed  Oak

And after filling up a few holes here and there, cutting pieces, gluing them together, sanding, and assembling , the table is ready to be put together for sanding, finishing and hand rubbing.

Reclaimed Wood Table Process

The finishing and hand rubbing process take probably as long, days ways, as the construction process, every layer of finishing must be fully dried and hand-rubbed before the next is on.

Just a pick of the table before the delivery.

Reclaimed Oak Trestle Table

And finally, right before Christmas the Reclaimed Oak Trestle Table is right in the place where it was meant to be.

 Trestle Table and Bench


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