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Walnut Trestle Table

This beautiful Trestle Table was built with Reclaimed Walnut, harvested in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. From Brian’s reclaimed wood furniture shop, comes this beautiful Reclaimed Walnut Trestle Table and it is in our inventory, ready to be yours. Trestle Table Process, Working with reclaimed wood is not as easy as it might seem.  First, Brian […]

Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table

Reclaimed Walnut Table in Inventory.- This beautiful Reclaimed Walnut Table is currently available in our inventory. Brian Fencer, built this table from Reclaimed Walnut boards and beams.  He did not just built it, but also he salvaged the wood from a local land clearing, in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.             […]

Reclaimed Walnut Trestle Table

Walnut is such a beautiful wood.  Whether it is reclaimed or not, Walnut preserves its beauty and elegance. We had the pleasure to custom make this beautiful trestle table from reclaimed Walnut boards and beams. Table Dimensions: 29” tall x 40” wide 72” long (w/o extensions) 104”long with extensions.  General and Finishing.- Constructed with Reclaimed Walnut. This table […]

Reclaimed Walnut Trestle Table with Extensions

This is a very special Reclaimed Walnut Table.  It is designed on a trestle base and made to expand. And of course, our customers feedback. Brian, We love the table!!! The design is perfect. And of course the table is simply gorgeous! My sister (who is in a wheelchair) can essentially sit anywhere around the table, […]

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