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Wormy Chestnut Farmhouse Table

One of the nicest Farmhouse tables we have made in this 2017.  This reclaimed wood Farmhouse table was built with Wormy Chestnut barn boards.  All the wood was reclaimed in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Dimensions: 72” Long x 36” – 38” Wide 30” Tall 7/8” Thick. The wood was selected by the customer with Brian’s advise, carefully matched and completely […]

Wormy Chestnut Kitchen Island

This beautiful Wormy Chestnut Kitchen Island was custom made by Brian. Each piece of wood was carefully selected and matched to make a unique and beautiful product.  The drawers and shelves were designed to give practical storage storage in the Kitchen. Brian’s  careful craftsmanship combined with a hand rubbed finish ensure the highest quality and long […]

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